Moving Tips

Here are just a couple moving tips to help with your move. They are easy things to do that might help to avoid complications during your move.

1. Take a basic inventory of your house and decide which items will be moved and which items will stay with the house or be sold. Use post-it notes to mark the items that will not be moved by the mover.

2. If you are packing the stuff into boxes yourself, be sure to label the boxes clearly on the side of the box as to which room the item will be put at time of delivery. Please make sure the boxes are securely taped.

3. Disconnect any electronic devices and place cords into freezer bags labeled with which device the cords belong to.

4. If the move will take more than one day, be sure to set aside any clothing or toiletries you may need. Set the items together in a corner of the room and mark “Do Not Move” with a sheet of paper.

5. Make sure all appliances are empty. Check the washer, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator.

6. If any appliances stay, be sure to leave the manuals behind for the new owner. Put the manuals in a drawer by themselves and mark the drawer with a post-it note. You may also put spare keys, storage shed keys or any other items you wish to leave for the new owner in this drawer as well. Mark the drawer “Stays With House” with a post-it note.

7. You may leave items in your dresser drawers as long as the items are not breakables or books. Books may cause the piece to be too heavy and place extra strain on the piece during transit.

8. If your move is based on an hourly rate, save yourself some money and try to accomplish some of these tasks yourself to save the time you will be charged for:

Disassemble Beds and Large Tables
Remove Mirrors from Dressers
Remove Loose Shelves from Bookcases
Disconnect Washer and Dryer
Wherley Generations provides these services to our Pennsylvania and Maryland customers. We will reassemble everything at delivery if you are unable to do so. Be careful not to injure yourself and don’t try to do more than you can handle. If you decide to use us as your home mover, we supply FREE MOVING BOXES. They are recycled boxes that are available for pick up upon request.
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